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"When I first met Jessa I had been home bound for 9 months. Although my back injury wasn’t too serious, the nature of it had been misunderstood by other treatment professionals which had led to a plateau in my recovery.


I am so thankful that my husband stumbled upon Jessa’s website. She knew exactly what was going on with my back after only a brief exam and, more importantly, knew what to teach me to help me recover. And over the past year she has supported and coached me as I’ve achieved milestones I never thought I would: climbing stairs, leaving the house, flying across the continent and returning to work after 2.5 years.


What can you expect from Jessa? You can expect someone who is incredibly knowledgeable about the human body, how it works and what happens when it doesn’t. You can expect someone who will explain exactly what you need to know to recover in language that you can understand. And you can expect someone who will always be kind, reassuring and ready with a smile when you need it most.


I can say without a doubt that meeting Jessa has changed my life. And I know that she can help countless others like me get back to what matters most – living!"


Jessica G.

"Jessa did an amazing job of setting up a treatment plan and daily exercises for me to follow. Her knowledge and experience helped me recover quickly from a neck injury sustained in a motor vehicle accident. I fully endorse Jessa, thanks so much!!"


Mike S.

"After injuring my knee playing ultimate and hockey, I contacted Jessa at Balanced Life Mobile Physiotherapy. I was very impressed with the treatment and the convenience of having a complete physio session in my own home.


After 3 comprehensive treatments along with completing the follow up exercises, I was back playing ultimate and hockey with my knee stable.


Thanks Jessa and Balanced Life Mobile Physiotherapy for the great treatment and helping me to get back to playing the sports I enjoy."


Ryan E.

"In July, I developed a painful abduction in my left shoulder due to a sports-related injury. Prior to this, I had never faced any medical issues to limit a very active schedule of hiking, canoeing, tennis, rollerblading, cycling etc. Going for therapy of any kind was not something that I was looking forward to – to put it mildly. Fortunately for me, I was referred to Jacquie St. Martin. She showed herself to be very knowledgeable, thorough and meticulous both in her diagnosis and treatment of my injury. Using a combination of ultrasound, Interferential Current [IFC] treatment, manual therapy and exercise prescription, I experienced an incredibly rapid recovery and was back to all of my physical routines in no time. Ask for Jacquie St. Martin by name. You will not be disappointed.​"


S.A. Mackenzie

"I’m a 79 year old women with severe arthritis in my knees. When I fell and broke my left femur it was predicted that I would be bedridden for the rest of my life.


My family hired Jacquie from Balanced Life. Our first session was an assessment of my mobility & needs. She designed a program exclusively for me. Between herself & her assistant Gary, they have helped me regain my strength and abilities. I can now sit up in bed by myself. I can also lift myself clear of my wheelchair seat with one person assisting me. I can stand between the parallel bars in the gym. The longest time was 2 mins 45 secs. I have had a few small setbacks but my goal is to walk with my walker and Jacquie is helping me to reach it."


G. Wirszilas

"Love that with my baby, Jessa was able to come to my house. So convenient. Very professional. I am happy with my treatment and lucky I found Balanced Life."


Lacey L.

"Balanced life has changed my life. I have a painful chronic foot condition as well as hypermobility of all my joints. I have seen specialist doctors who had little hope for any improvement or pain relief other than through drugs and or surgery... neither of which appealed to me at all.


I started seeing Jessa and Jacquie last year. They were immediately much more positive and optimistic that we could, in fact, do lots to help me. It's been a year almost to the day and the changes are drastic. Jaquie researched a taping technique that has ELIMINATED 95% of my foot pain. Due to both of their ongoing support and genuine care I have become brave enough to tackle a huge issue in my life. My weight.


They have made me stronger emotionally as well as physically and I cannot say enough about the positive impact these women have had on my life. Their knowledge and compassion are unmatched. I feel safe and cared for when I'm exercising with them, which is so important as my potential for injury while exercising is quite big. I was worried in other classes as the instructors clearly weren't as educated and unable to modify the movements to protect my joints, this is never an issue with Balanced life. Please don't hesitate to contact them, you won't regret it."


Lucy H.

"Hired Balanced Life Mobile Therapy to work with both my mother and father. My parents may both have dementia but we are keeping their bodies as fit as we are able. Great therapists. Great care.”


Susan H.

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